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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

REVIEW: Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale

Belimai Sykes is many things: a Prodigal, the descendant of ancient demons, a creature of dark temptations and rare powers. He is also a man with a brutal past and a dangerous addiction. And Belimai Sykes is the only man Captain William Harper can turn to when faced with a series of grisly murders.

But Mr. Sykes does not work for free and the price of Belimai's company will cost Captain Harper far more than his reputation. From the ornate mansions of noblemen, where vivisection and sorcery are hidden beneath a veneer of gold, to the steaming slums of Hells Below, Captain Harper must fight for justice and for his life.

His enemies are many and his only ally is a devil he knows too well. Such are the dangers of dealing with the wicked.

Book: Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale
Release Date: October 1, 2007
Format: eBook
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Wicked Gentlemen, #1
Obtained: Bought
Rating:PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket (5 Zombies)

Wicked Gentlemen was one of only a few novels I've ever read featuring gay men, and I must say that it did it quite well. I don't avoid gay novels or anything, but I find that they tend to be errotica, for the most part, which I do try to avoid. There are exceptions, of course, but mostly I just don't like errotica. Wicked Gentlemen did have sex in it, but it most definitely was not errotica. My only problem with it was that it was broken into two separate parts, which where from different POVs and one was third person and the other was first, which kind of confused me, but I still loved the book, obviously, because I gave it a 5 zombie rating :)

I loved the religious aspect of the book, which was a very prominent part of the plot and played a huge role in the overall theme of the stories. I'm always interested when an author puts effort into developing a unique world in a fantasy novel, and Wicked Gentleman did it to a level on part with the True Blood and Morganville Vampires series, which is pretty damned awesome.

The two main characters, Belimai and Harper, where both very interesting (and hott) and I enjoyed both of their viewpoints equally. They were amazing characters to read about, and I can't wait to read the next book in the series, although I have no idea when it's coming out :(