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What's Happening?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear Marvel

Dear Marvel, I am a big fan. I got into comics very recently, and thanks to the amazing selection of heroes offered by Marvel, I don't even have to look at the DC shelves in my local comic store.

I've seen every movie made by Marvel Studios, and loved almost all of them. I can't imagine not going out at midnight on opening day with my friends to see the Avengers movie this summer, but if that's what I have to do, then I'll see something else instead.

As a blogger and an overall internet lover, I couldn't live with myself if I didn't stand up against censorship, and that is the only word that can be used to sum up the SOPA and PIPA bills. They are wrong, and against the United States Constitution. What would Captain America think if he could see this, Marvel?

As much as the movies, comics, and action figures have brightened my days lately, if Marvel does not rescind its support of SOPA and PIPA, then I'll be forced to take my business elsewhere--and, no matter how many amazing powers the X-Men have, I know that the power of the purse is the only one that matters to a big corporation like Marvel. I hope that fans, new and old, won't have to use it.

I hope to still be a big fan when all of this is over.